Thursday, April 06, 2006

Merino x Corriedale sample skein

singles and 2-ply yarn made from the grey Merino x Corriedale wool posted previously.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Merino x Corriedale

So Suegene inspired me to wash my grey Merino x Corriedale fleece; well, at least half of it. And continuing with my theme of lots of pictures and few words, here they go:

this is the fleece all rolled up!

and now unrolled--note the variegation.

and these are close ups of two of the different colors present in the fleece.

of course I had to comb a sample of this wool, which by the way, is wonderfully soft. So above, is about 20 grams of a mix of three different shades of grey. The rest of the washed fleece (~2.5 lbs) is drying next to my gas stove. One day, when I am done combing the CVM wool, I will deal with this batch... but tomorrow I'll probably spin from this sample ball.